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Eucalyptus Aromatherapy Essential Oil

Eucalyptus Aromatherapy Essential Oil

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Benefits of diffused essential oils:
1. Remove air from dust and bacteria
2. Open the airway
3. Affect mood
4. Easily absorbed by the body
How to best use these oils:
There are many, many ways to use our essential oils:
Bathing-Adding a few drops of our essential oils to your bath lotion will create a heavenly, natural, pure aroma and prove to be a very effective way to obtain most essential oils.
Massage-Our oil is strong, so please do not use it directly on your skin. Add a few drops of carrier oil (such as grape seed oil), and then massage the forehead, palms, neck, back, feet or other affected areas. The effect is wonderful.

Note: 5ml bottle mouth is U-shaped plug, without dropper

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